I'm Richard Kreidler

I am a successful businessman with a proven track record of leading high-performing sales teams and increasing profits by 30% or more, having taken a software company from $1.2 million to over $20 million annually and sold software solutions to multinational Fortune 500 companies and the US Army Logistics System. 

I’m a consultant, collaborator, drummer, connector, singer, rainmaker, and guitar player. 

About Me

Experienced Business Leader and Sales Expert

As an accomplished businessman, entrepreneur, and innovator, I possess a wealth of expertise in leading high-performing sales teams. I have a proven track record of success, having taken a software company from $1.2 million to over $20 million in annual revenue. 


My experience includes running a large-scale enterprise sales organization with products in nine western business development firms, serving multinational Fortune 500 companies. 


I’m dedicated to consistently driving business sales and profits, with a demonstrated ability to achieve growth rates of 30% or higher.

Work Experience


As a Strategic Consultant, I analyze data and assess market trends to provide tailored guidance and recommendations to businesses seeking to improve their operations and achieve long-term success. My expertise in strategic planning and execution allows me to identify opportunities for growth, optimize resources, and maximize profitability while minimizing risk.


As a Sales Consultant, I possess the expertise and experience to guide businesses towards achieving their revenue targets and increasing their profitability. My systematic approach towards identifying and addressing sales challenges enables me to develop customized strategies for my clients that yield measurable results.

Business consultant

As a skilled Business Consultant, I provide expert advice and guidance to help companies improve their performance and achieve their goals. With years of experience and a deep understanding of industry trends, I offer practical solutions that drive growth and profitability.

What My Clients Say

The strategic business consulting provided by Richard was insightful and helped us identify key areas for growth.


The business development support we received was invaluable in expanding our reach and identifying new opportunities.


Richard’s sales development guidance and advice greatly improved our team’s performance and helped us close more deals.